Keeping you on the road

We offer full backup and support on all bikes we sell, we also stock a range of accessories and merchandise to keep you comfortable and safe on the road.


Westport Bike Shop stock a range of products and accessories such as helmets, lights, apparel and replacement parts to keep you safe and on the road. We have an in-house workshop and stock a range of parts and accessories which can be professionally fitted by our mechanic.

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Brands That We Trust

We have partnered with a few selected brands and and are distributors for the following… 


Our mechanic is fully skilled in all aspects of bicycle mechanical repair work and all work is carried out on our premises. 

Each customer is required to complete the Bicycle Repair Form and to list repairs or service required on their bike.

Our mechanic carries out a visual inspection only of the bike as standard and may identify parts performance issues that may need attention.

These observations may be in addition to the repairs listed by the customer.

Prior to any additional repairs being undertaken the customer will be notified of the extent of work and costs involved. Alternatively the customer may not agree to the repair.

It is the responsibility of the customer at all times to enquire that their bike is safe to use. To assist our customers Westport Bike Shop will attach to the invoice a 4-Point Safety Check as a general safety guide

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Bike Fitting

We recommend that after purchasing your bike and intermittently that you have the bike calibrated to you so that you get the most out of your bike. We are all different shapes and sizes. Bike manufacturers develop different frame sizes, provide adjustable seat posts, handlebars and pedal/shoe position. The Science of Cycling has identified optimum performance positions mainly in the area of race or road bikes. Prior to buying your bike we strongly recommend that you avail our Bike Fitting Service. We use a Bike Jig / Fit Measurement Tool first to identify and select the right sized frame for you.Once we have this information we then invite you to sit on their bike and we make the necessary adjustments to the individual rider. This fitting is based on our own practical experience coupled with industry standards. Having your bike properly fitted will mitigate against the following risks associated with cycling and poor posture/seating position. 

  • Back Pain
  • Knees and Joint Pain
  • Neck Pain

Having the correct cycling position will optimise your performance, will make you more efficient, gain power and provide added comfort

*It is essential to book an appointment for Bike Fitting particularly during the summer months.

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Where To Find Us

Westport Bike Shop is located at the start of The Great Western GreenwayOur customers recognise and appreciate our convenient location as we’re centrally located within a few minutes walk of Westport Town Centre.

Free Parking For Our Customers

Westport Bike Shop provides free private on-site parking to all our customers, this means you can drive down, park up and be on the Great Western Greenway within just a few minutes, with the peace of mind that your car is safe and without the hassle or cost of public car-parking.

Westport Bike Shop
Westport Bike Shop by Anthony Murray