Our team of mechanics are fully skilled in all aspects of bicycle mechanical repair work and all work is carried out on our premises. 

Each customer is required to complete the Bicycle Repair Form and to list repairs or service required on their bike.

Our mechanics carry out a visual inspection on arrival of the customers bike as standard and may identify parts or performance issues that may need attention.

These observations may be in addition to the repairs listed by the customer.

Prior to any additional repairs being undertaken the customer will be notified of the extent of work and costs involved. Alternatively the customer may not agree to the repair.

It is the responsibility of the customer at all times to enquire that their bike is safe to use. To assist our customers Westport Bike Shop will attach to the invoice a 4-Point Safety Check as a general safety guide

bicycle repairs

General Service

  • Gear Tune
  • Brake Adjust
  • True and tension wheels
  • Check nuts and bolts
  • Lubricate Chain
  • Wipe down frame
  • General Inspection of bike

 Premium Service

  • Gear tune
  • Brake Adjust
  • True and tension wheels
  • Bearing check and adjust hubs, headset and bottom bracket
  • Fully degrease drive train, chain ring and cassette
  • Lubricate chain
  • Check nuts and bolts
  • Wipe down frame
  • Intensive frame and component inspection

Platinum Service

  • Full adjustment and de-grease plus
  • Full strip and rebuild
  • Removal of all components for cleaning, de-greasing and lubrication of all moving parts
  • Re installation of all components

Where To Find Us

Westport Bike Shop is located at the start of The Great Western Greenway. Our customers recognise and appreciate our convenient location as we’re centrally located within a few minutes walk of Westport Town Centre.

Free Parking For Our Customers

Westport Bike Shop provides free private on-site parking to all our customers, this means you can drive down, park up and be on the Great Western Greenway within just a few minutes, with the peace of mind that your car is safe and without the hassle or cost of public car-parking.

Westport Bike Shop