Westport Bike Hire have a range of bikes available for rent at day rate prices.
Book your bike and explore the routes along the Wild Atlantic Way and Cycle Paths around Westport and County Mayo.

hybrid bike


Hybrid Bike Hire from €25 per day 

These are an ideal compromise in terms of comfort (associated with sturdy robust mountain bike) and speed (associated with racer/road bike) for both leisurely cycles and more routine activity such as cycling to school or work. These bikes have a full compliment of gears, mid-width tyres and strong frames.

road bike

Road Bikes

Road Bike Hire from €35 per day

The best way to see the Wild Atlantic Way is on a lightweight road bike. Faster than the typical leisure bike our customers enjoy long days out discovering all the great routes around Westport and Mayo.

trail bike


Trail Bike Hire from €35 per day

Trail Bikes are the perfect choice for the many cycle paths and trails in the west of Ireland and particularly the Great Western Greenway which starts near our shop. These bikes offer comfort and and full compliment of gears and are perfect for leisure cycling.

electric bike


Electric Bike Hire from €50 per day

Electric Bikes are a great choice for those who want to cycle on the road with assistance on the inclines. They are a great way to enjoy the scenery that Westport and the west of Ireland has to offer.

kids bike


Kids Bike Hire from €15 per day

We supply bikes for all ages, that includes kids. We have children’s bikes available for hire which are perfect for cycling the Great Western Greenway cycle trail. For the younger ones we provide child seats and pull along canopies available with 1 or 2 seats.

mountain bike


Mountain Bike Hire from €35 per day

Mountain Bikes are perfect for going off road and taking to the hills. Mountain bikes are rugged with strong frame and big grip tyres to ensure traction on soft ground. They have full compliment of gears and suspension to add comfort and agility to tackle the most challenging terrain.

Shuttle Bus Service

Westport Bike Shop provide a shuttle service with scheduled pick-up and drop-off along the Great Western Greenway, so now you can cycle as far as you want to. This service runs regularly and is very popular for those who want to stop off at some of the coffee shops, restaurants and bars along the way without the worry of cycling back. Click the option for shuttle bus on the booking form below when placing your reservation.

shuttle bus
greenway tours

Greenway Tours

The Greenway Tours are a great way to see the scenery that the west coast of Ireland has to offer. The tours can be done at your pace and we cater for groups of all sizes with planned stop off’s and lunch along the way.

Be sure you pack a camera as the west coast of Ireland has some stunning views which you’re bound to want to share with your friends. You can also share your memories and experiences through our Facebook page

Bike Hire Booking Form

For larger groups please use the contact form to advise us of your requirements.
*Please note that we do not stock single-wheeled tagalong trailer cycles.

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