Zefal Bike Bio Degreaser 1L


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Zefal Bike  BIO Degreaser 1L

The Bike Bio Degreaser is an effective degreasing agent. Its dissolving agents remove grease and dirt on mechanical parts. The active components quickly eliminate dust once sprayed. It is easy to use and to rinse off. Its biodegradable properties protect the environment and mean it can be used anywhere. Refill bottle


  • Double action: Detergent and degreasing action.
  • Biodegradable: Safe for the environment.
  • Quick cleaning: Removes stains quickly and effectively.
  • Big capacity: 1 Litre capacity giving greater number of uses.


  • Capacity: 1L
  • Compositions:
    -0.1% or more but less than 1%: Amphoteric surfactants
    -0.1% or more but less than 1%: Perfumes
    -0.1% or more but less than 1%: Sodium carbonate
    -1% or more but less than 10%: Calcium salts
    -1% or more but less than 10%: Non-ionic surfactants
    -10% or more: Water 0.1% or more but less than 1%: Perfumes

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