Light as Émonda. Fast as Madone.

The eighth generation Trek Madone is an earth-shattering combination of their two iconic superbikes.

Light as Émonda, fast as Madone, it truly is the best of both worlds — and the only road race bike you will ever need.

Yes, the Trek Madone Gen 8 is replacing the Madone Gen 7 and the carbon Émonda. But its ultra-light, ultra-aero design brings both customers and rider styles along for an even better ride.

Fly up climbs. Sprint across flats. The Trek Madone Gen 8 wasn’t made to do it all — it was made to win.

It’s Official

The Trek Madone GEN 8
Has launched

Light as Émonda. Fast as Madone.

The Trek Madone Gen 8’s podium-topping tech

As light as the Émonda

The Trek Madone Gen 8 is as light as the current Émonda SLR Frameset and 320 grams lighter than the previous Madone Frameset, all thanks to all-new 900 Series OCLV Carbon and radical new tube designs. Plus, it climbs like a dream, so even your Émonda devotees will be impressed.

As fast as Madone Gen 7

The Trek Madone Gen 8 is 77 sec/hr faster than the Émonda and as fast as the previous Madone* with new Full System Foil aero shapes that redefine what fast looks like. Plus, new RSL Aero Bottles and Cages (included with Madone SLR) help make the whole rider system faster on any bike.

Lighter, more comfortable Isofix Tech

Trek Madone Gen 8’s updated IsoFlow technology is even lighter and up to 80% more vertically compliant than before, absorbing road chatter so you can ride stronger longer with optimal comfort levels.

New lighter weight and more ergonomic bar/stem

Madone SLR models put riders in the ultimate aero position with an updated Aero RSL Road Integrated Bar/Stem made with uber-light OCLV Carbon, ultra-fast aero shapes, and hoods that are 3cm narrower than the drops (just like the drop shape on Gen 7).

The ultimate race bike at the ultimate price

The all-new Trek Madone SL shares all the same revolutionary frame technology as the SLR model, but keeps costs down with more economical 500 Series OCLV Carbon and two-piece handlebar/stem combos. SL models are also mechanical compatible.

Five Key things to know about
the all-new Trek Madone Gen 8

Treks Madone Gen 8 Ultimate Aero Bike (1)

No compromises

You no longer have to choose between fast and light, sprinting or climbing.

With the Madone Gen 8, the Émonda and Madone’s best design qualities combine for a  more aerodynamic ride, and an ultra-light bike that will help you climb faster than ever.

Full Range of Carbon Bike Value

The New Madone now covers the complete range of carbon race price points with a solid lineup of SL 5 through to SLR 9 and 9 AXS models.

Treks Madone Gen 8 Ultimate Climbing Bike (1)
Treks Madone Gen 8 Ultimate Aero Bike Project One Icon

Incredible new Project One ICON

Project One is the best way to buy a new Madone because you can get the exact fit, parts, and paint you want for a truly bespoke bike that is yours from top to bottom.

Now, you can make your dream Madone a reality. Pop in-store for more info or follow the link to build your dream bike.

Want to Pre Order?
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Give us a call in-store and we are more than happy to help you find the perfect model for you.

Looking for a bespoke Project One Build? Customise and kit your perfect bike out on the Trek Website and forward onto us for discussion.